Red & Black Shirt

I love the color combinations on this shirt, the colors black & red will never go wrong together. especially if the red has exotic woven patterns on it. This shirt was pleasant to the eye but not to my body. the red woven fabric was as hard as canvas, but the black fabric was as soft as thin silk, it was not flattering when wearing it.


But I still liked the color combination and the exotic feels of this shirt, I wanted to preserve the perks but also fix the red fabric a little just so its comfortable, I decided to decrease the width of the red, by cut about 1 1/2″ off of both sides until the red fabric was not as wide as before.

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Black shirt

I have always liked black shirts, they can go with anything and but I always find them much better with a little accessory, like lace. Today’s post will be all about combining the best of both worlds, a black shirt and black lace. I first bought this shirt because I liked the lace, but I don’t always like shirts that are 100% polyester because I don’t find them to be as comfortable as natural metricals.


But then I thought, a soft black shirt will taking care of the problem, all I needed to do is to tear off the lace shoulders from this striped shirt and sew it onto my comfy cotton shirt.


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Skirt to Backpack

When I first saw the skirt, I was attracted to the sparkly texture and the beautiful pattern, but the skirt was too short for me, and it is too glamorous for my daily life.

My first thought was to turn this short skirt into a long vest, it could be a very fashion forward piece. But the next day, when I woke up, a new idea came to my mind, I wonder if I can make a backpack out of it? I was very excited to get started, who wouldn’t like a textured and sparking backpack like this?

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Gray Sweater

Huge difference? But first, I have to apologize for the color differences in both pictures, they were taken at different times during the day so the light is different. The actual color of the sweater looks more like the after piece.

Lets started with the original textures on the sweater, I like different textures, especially natural textures such as wool or cotton. This sweater is 100% wool with the elegant gray color. These soft curly lines make many beautiful waves on the sweater, but the whole shape of the sweater is not any special, it could make you look like a square if you wearing it.


I want to turn the dated sweater into something fashionable and a modern looking, but I also didn’t want to ruin the texture or many other things. How should I add something that will compliment the texture but also make the whole shape looks better and slimier? I found some light gray yarn which is 100% wool,  I am going to use felting technique to add a lighter color on the dark gray background.


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Elegant change

I love the classic black & white houndstooth fabric ( not sure if it is a right name in English), but everyone knows it, and many people like it. This jacket is in right thickness, will be nice for the spring and fall seasons to wear.

But I am tired of the common pattern, this collar has a suit style, looks too business for me, so I want to change the collar into a simple but is a classic style. You know, I always like simple line design on clothes, and I think this way is the modern trend in the fashion world.



I started to tear down the collar, which was pretty easy. Here is what looks like after teared, in the picture blow, I already took the back collar off, but I leave the front pieces.

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Recreate the green sweater

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog, I just created this piece last week, does everybody likes it? Look at the before & after pictures and you can tell me what you think.



This green sweater has a really nice wool texture, and it fits pretty well (size M),  but it looks much too plan and does not have much of a design esthetic to it. So I wanted to turn this plain sweater into something better by adding some colors and shapes.

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