Summer easy wear

I liked the patten and the fabric, which is 100% cotton. But I am not sure if I would want to wear such a long skirt during this hot summer weather, this easy makeover is very simple, everyone can try as long as you have a sewing machine.

First, cute the length you prefer, I cut it 2 inches above my knees, which left about 12″ to make ruffs on the buttom.


How to lock the loose edge without a serger? I used #30 on the swing machine to enclosed the loose edge, and it worked.

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White shirt makeover

This white linen shirt is just like a nice, white, blank canvas for me to try drawn thread project, I have never try drawn thread work before, but I think it is a very classic, and elegant way to add texture to many fabric.

From Super Leaf

I have designed in my mind that I wanted to make some vertical lines to make the shirt looks slimmer. After I took off the front pocket, I used a needle to tear some thread up and pull them out, making sure you pull one thread at a time. It took a while for me to pull all these threads out, but I was excited for the experimental test.


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From size 2 to Size 12 in less than 2 hours without use sewing machine!

I am so excited to share this new makeover with you, I just changed a Size 2 dress to a size 12 in less than 2 hours without using a sewing machine! Sound unbelievable? But it’s quite true, let me show you how.

Here is the size 2 black silk dress, don’t believe me, check the tag!

IMG_4429     IMG_4326

Size 2 is too small for most middle aged women/moms. what can we do with it?  I noticed the black outer layer had a lot of pleating around the waist and bust, which has the potential to be expanded.  Continue reading “From size 2 to Size 12 in less than 2 hours without use sewing machine!”