Elegant change

I love the classic black & white houndstooth fabric ( not sure if it is a right name in English), but everyone knows it, and many people like it. This jacket is in right thickness, will be nice for the spring and fall seasons to wear.

But I am tired of the common pattern, this collar has a suit style, looks too business for me, so I want to change the collar into a simple but is a classic style. You know, I always like simple line design on clothes, and I think this way is the modern trend in the fashion world.



I started to tear down the collar, which was pretty easy. Here is what looks like after teared, in the picture blow, I already took the back collar off, but I leave the front pieces.


Next, I had some nice puffy black synthetic fabric with long furs, the black color should be easy to match the black & white jacket, and the texture of the fur will addd some dimension too.  I cut it into long pieces as 2.5″ wide like this.


The fur on the long tape looks a little bit too long, right ? But don’t worry, once I sewed them on to the jacket,  I will trim the fur as needed.

What’s next? Time to sew! I first sewed one side of the tape on the inner side of the jacket, and then began to sew the tape on the other side of the front side of jacket . I apologize for the fact that I didn’t take the pictures of the coat when I was sewing, ( I will try to remember that next time) but I know you can figure it out, there were no special sewing technique in this part, all you need to do is to roll up and hide the raw side of tape, and make the finish edges smooth, here is the finish!


Do you like it better than before? As I told you earlier, I will trim the long fur once I finish sewing, and I did, I cut the fur short with scissor, it took me a little while to trim them all, but the result is so much better with the short fur. The original long fur looked too hyperbolic to me, I like calm, elegant style. Here are some more details on pictures:


As you can see, I did not only replace the collar of the jacket, I also sewed the black fur onto the pockets, and also the back waistband to match the whole look from top to bottom. The short fur added the beautiful texture to the jacket, it has more dimension in there,  and the black color really emphasis the whole look.


Want to another angle of this piece?


Here is the before & after pictures again, do you like it? Please leave comments and subscribe to my newsletter, you are going to see more suprise!

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 下午2.17.07



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