Add texture to the red shirt

I love texture, texture will add a 3 dimensional look to the most plain fabrics and can turn a boring shirt into a piece art! I found a plain red linen shirt which is perfect for continual practice for the drawn thread work as I tried on my last white shirt.


But this shirt’ size 3x, the chest enclose was 58″! It was too big, I had to reduce the size first.


I had to cut the extra parts on the siand change the bust points from the lower part to upper part for better fit.


These sleeves needed to be resized as well.


Have to tear the thread up one at a time,


Start the drawn work with need+thread.


Finish with drawn work, the chest enclose already reduce from 58″ to 46″, but is it good enough? I was trying to think if anything could make it even more extraordinary?

IMG_4541      FullSizeRender_3

How about adding some little dots around the drawn thread to give it even more dimension? Lets do it!


I like it, those dots are really cute! They compliment the drawnwork wonderfully.


Want to see more details? Sorry for the the color change due to different lighting throughout the day.



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