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I have always liked black shirts, they can go with anything and but I always find them much better with a little accessory, like lace. Today’s post will be all about combining the best of both worlds, a black shirt and black lace. I first bought this shirt because I liked the lace, but I don’t always like shirts that are 100% polyester because I don’t find them to be as comfortable as natural metricals.


But then I thought, a soft black shirt will taking care of the problem, all I needed to do is to tear off the lace shoulders from this striped shirt and sew it onto my comfy cotton shirt.


First, I tore off the collar of the black shirt, and tore off the lace from the striped shirt.


Then I used pins to secure the lace to the top of my black shirt, make sure of the sleeve lines are straight together, than sew on the edge of the lace, better sew with the w line to make sure if is still stretchable  as other part of the shirt.


I double sewed the line to make sure of fecundity, then cut the inner black shouder off. One more thing that I have to mention is that I used the same material from the shirt to resew and changed the color of the collar to match the black shirt. Here we go, a transparent but also elegant lace shoulder top is done.

This is the simplest project I have done, but I am satisfied with the result because I have always wanted a lace top black shirt. Lets check and see the before & after photos again to review the result.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 下午5.24.13


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