Blue silk shirt

This silk shirt was very outdated, nothing special at all. Maybe it was the common style of 1960’s? But it was a cool shirt for summer, we all need something cooler to wear in hot summer when we are in outdoors.


The material is cool because it is silk, but the collar was too close to my neck which was not cool. I been thinking how to lower the collar for a while until I found the decorated collar piece.


I missed my pins somewhere, so I had to used many of sewing needles to fixed the piece in place on the shirt.


Then turn the shirt inside, cut the original front collar off, and  used the same needles to fixed the raw edge from inside.


Time to sew, because the white collar piece is transpired look, if I use sewing machine will leave the  stitch on it, better use hand sewing so it will be invisible on the front.


Now, the shirt is really changed, a lovely, floral collar is speaking for the old shirt.


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