Winter white hat

This is the same shrunken sweater from my last post, I made another hot of it in different style. I always like the loose kind of hat as it seems getting more poplar now.

img_5117Same progress as last post, tear apart the sweater first.


Than cut the shapes for the hat.


Sew both sides and shrunken the top together, sew a round button to coved the hole.


Now, see the finish of the hat!


Update on the grey shirt

I recreated the gray shirt month ago, but I thought it was still need some works, now I updated it again here.

The grey shirt looked like a grandma’s daily shirt, but the shirt made of silk! Silk was the reason I thought it is worth to try.


I did not want to do big change on the shirt, but had to change the collar. First step: took the collar off.

img_4896 Continue reading “Update on the grey shirt”

Black sweater

The cotton sweater could be a good black canvas to recreate anything I like, it is long and blank, and full of potential!

I drew some circles on both sides first.


Then started hand stitches from the center of circle.



Just keep working on different designs of hand stitches around the circles.


It looks like this when I finish on side!


both sides done!


Also hand-stitches on the sleeves to match the design.


Love it! It is so much better than blank black sweater before, I am so glad for the finish, I hope I have change to wear it sometimes!