Decorated the yellow shirt

This yellowish brown shirt has some oriental feel on it, and the fabric is 100% silk. There are some little hand-stitched leafs on the front and also a few leafs on the edge of sleeves. Those leafs added some detail on the shirt, but the shape of neck line is not my favorite, I prefer bigger and open neck line.  but it is not too bad, it is just little too plan and need some detail to make the neck line look bigger.


I picked the light green bandeau because that is the closest color I could find that would match the little green leafs, than I drew some circles with pencil around the neck line.


Let’s start sewing, I was not sure if my sewing machine could work with such thin lines, but after a few tries, I got the hang of things and though it’s not perfect, I was able to make it work.


The finished circles are like this, you can easily see some difference between each of them, but they are better than nothing.


Now, time to add some beads to fill the circles up, I hand sewed the beads in each circle.


Here is the finished product, I hope you agree with me that “After” looks better than “before”!


Compare them together again, Thanks!

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 下午3.35.43

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