Gray Sweater

Huge difference? But first, I have to apologize for the color differences in both pictures, they were taken at different times during the day so the light is different. The actual color of the sweater looks more like the after piece.

Lets started with the original textures on the sweater, I like different textures, especially natural textures such as wool or cotton. This sweater is 100% wool with the elegant gray color. These soft curly lines make many beautiful waves on the sweater, but the whole shape of the sweater is not any special, it could make you look like a square if you wearing it.


I want to turn the dated sweater into something fashionable and a modern looking, but I also didn’t want to ruin the texture or many other things. How should I add something that will compliment the texture but also make the whole shape looks better and slimier? I found some light gray yarn which is 100% wool,  I am going to use felting technique to add a lighter color on the dark gray background.


I tear the yarn into loose wool and applied it onto the sweater as the picture above shows. Felting was actually pretty easy, I didn’t began doing this until about a month ago, this was my second time trying to felt, I quickly find that I love it, felting is quick and easy, you got to try this, you will find felting is a easy and fun way to create something on sweaters.


I continued filling the narrow spaces with the wool, I did the front on both sides first, and then did some on the middle parts on the back. Doesn’t the sweater look better already by adding those vertical shapes? And, of course, I even filled some shapes on the both front sleeves too, how is that?


Please look at the more details of front & back.


They look like relief made of wool, the light gray really emphasis these beautiful wavy shapes. When people see it, they will see the center curly shapes first instead of the square. I am using the illusion to cheating people’s eyes and lead their eyes to where I want them to see.


You may want to see the inner side of the front? Those little pieces of wool are going through the surface by needles, but they are very stable, it won’t stick on your short as you can tell from the picture.

Here are the before & after picture again, hope you like them as I do.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 下午6.14.06

I hope you learn the process by my explanation and pictures. please feel free to ask any question and leave common on my page, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter, you will see what’s coming next, thanks!


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  1. I just found your blog and it is lovely! This is a very pretty piece you have done here. You made the sweater look so much different. Nice!

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