Update on the grey shirt

I recreated the gray shirt month ago, but I thought it was still need some works, now I updated it again here.

The grey shirt looked like a grandma’s daily shirt, but the shirt made of silk! Silk was the reason I thought it is worth to try.


I did not want to do big change on the shirt, but had to change the collar. First step: took the collar off.


Then, recut the collar and sewed them together to make it stand up on the neck.


After sewed the new collar on the neck, I also trim the lines on the both sides of front to make it a continue V shape. Please look at the after picture, it was a easy change, but it looks more elegant than before, do you agree?


I found some laces that looks going to match the design on the shirt.


Need to put them on the shirt, looks good!


Hand sewing the lace on the shirt.


The top part of shirt looks like this.


And the while finish is here!


From the before- After 1 – After 2 are all here, big change!




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