Hand stitched on the blue shirt

This blue linen shirt has many things that I like in a shirt, it has a good length, the right color, and the fabric is linen! The only problem  is I found this shirt too flat and boring.


Hand stitching would be an easy way to add some texture and color to it, but still preserve it’s simple style. I found a white cotton thread that matched the blue shirt.


Simple hand stitching techniques are easy to learn. I’ve never done this kind stitches before, but I am not afraid to try, I checked Pinterest and follow it step by step, after a few tries, I got the hang of things and it was pretty fast and easy.

I made several vertical hand-stitches on the front of the shirt, you know it is always good idea to add vertical lines to your shirt, they make the shirt look slim, especially on light colored clothes like this one.


I also did some simple hand stitching to the collar, you can see it is just some straight stitches,  but it can add different textures to the shirt. I did as well as on the edges of short sleeves, so sleeves will match the rest parts of textures.IMG_3378

Please check the Before & after Pictures again here, see how to use simple stitches to make a difference. Please feel free to let me know what you think, thanks.

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