Hand-stitching on the brown shirt

I did hand-stitching on the long blue shirt earlier, that was pretty successful, I think it is the easiest way to add texture, pattern, and color to your clothes. I chose the simple patterns because they are easy to stitch and also simple pattern is just a right test to my style.

The dark brown shirt fits me well, but I am not sure of the four pockets on the front. I want to do something to make the shirt look more relaxed and feminine.


I first took the two pockets off on top, the black and white picture shows the result.

FullSizeRender copy

Lets do some stitching on the front like this, those variety vertical pattens together make one big patten. I also stitched some horizontal patterns on the cover of the button packets to balance the top vertical patten.


The colors vary because of the angles and lights, but they are the same shirt.

Please look at the finish on chest, it is cute!


Here is the whole look of makeover, I hope you like it, thanks!IMG_3376

Please review the Before & After again!

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 下午3.37.36


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