I made the backpack!

Ever since I learned that side straps and purses can cause vertebrae problems and also make our shoulders uneven, I have started to wear and lean towards backpacks more than one strap bags. I think backpacks are a much healthier choice for people who have to carry heavy things in their daily life. I wrote a post earlier on how I turn a shirt & backpack on my blog earlier, it inspired me to make another backpack with a different style. We all know different outfit need a different backpack to match, right?



I found some nice Linen squares in various sizes so I bought them as fabric samplers, I also needed waist belts for my backpack.


Look on the inside, I have made several pockets for easy organization and and safety.


This is the back of the bag, I had to use a variety of different colored fabrics to finish the bag, because I am using fabric samples.


Look at the backpack on the dress model, so many packets inside and out, do you like it?


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