Jeans wear

I love natural material, when I see something made of linen or silk, I can not turn my eyes away. This linen shirt has jean’s feel , looks very simple but still cool. I just think it will be better to add some thing to it.

The simplest stitch should match it’s style I thought,


I like it, this is the finished collar.


The success with the collar encouraged me to continue doing the same stitchs on other parts of the shirt.


I did the same stitches on both cuffs too, the finish piece is here, very simple, but added those stitches seems added more value and textures to the shirt!


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6 thoughts on “Jeans wear”

  1. Wow! This simple update took your top from plain to fancy. Those little details are things you find on more expensive fashion pieces and are such a simple (and inexpensive) way to update clothing.

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