Red & Black Shirt

I love the color combinations on this shirt, the colors black & red will never go wrong together. especially if the red has exotic woven patterns on it. This shirt was pleasant to the eye but not to my body. the red woven fabric was as hard as canvas, but the black fabric was as soft as thin silk, it was not flattering when wearing it.


But I still liked the color combination and the exotic feels of this shirt, I wanted to preserve the perks but also fix the red fabric a little just so its comfortable, I decided to decrease the width of the red, by cut about 1 1/2″ off of both sides until the red fabric was not as wide as before.


The second step consisted of sewing the woven fabric back on. Because of the difference of thickness of both fabrics, it is always better to pin them together before sewing, so neither the black or the red fabric will move while it’s being sewed together.

IMG_3074Once I finished sewing and put it on the model, you could tell the fit was so much better. But what about adding a little exotic fringe in the center to give the redness a little continuation? I found this decoration belt and the red on it matched the red on my fabric exactly.


Now, what do you think about the finish! I definitely love this look so much better.


I even made some earrings to go with the shirt, they are pretty and fashion-forward, what do you thank?


Lets review the before & after picture again, I hope you enjoyed the design!

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 下午5.24.44


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