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Hi everyone, welcome to my blog, I just created this piece last week, does everybody likes it? Look at the before & after pictures and you can tell me what you think.



This green sweater has a really nice wool texture, and it fits pretty well (size M),  but it looks much too plan and does not have much of a design esthetic to it. So I wanted to turn this plain sweater into something better by adding some colors and shapes.


I had some colored wool that is the same texture as the sweater, and I used felting needle to add the colored wool and make them into shapes that will make the sweater more artistic and appear slimmer.


Before I started designing, I had to sew the pockets up in order to slim the shape of the waist, the original pockets has 3 layers of wool on the waist. Once I cut off the pockets and sew them together, it looks flatter, the picture below shows the inside and outside of cut pockets.


The first thought of the design was to adding some vertical lines to make the short sweater looks longer and slimmer, so I chose the dark brow wool to fit the dark green background,  which also added color contrast.


But to make it look even better, I added a lighter orange wool to lighting the color combination as this:FullSizeRender_4

The under pad and the felting needles worked very well together, and it only took me about an hour or two to finished the vertical colored lines along the seam. I was very pleased with the result and wanted to make more shapes with the same color combination. As I mentioned before I want to slim the waist, so I added the oval shape to make the waist looks narrower, and here it is:


Then I thought about the upper part, and I wanted to emphasize the shoulder to make the up & down contract, as well as the back of the sweater.


Look! Here is the finished product, who can tell this unique, colorful, fashion-forward sweater was from the dated, boring dark green sweater you see everywhere on the street? With the one-of-kind piece, you never have to worry about wearing duplicate or similar pieces as your friend.


Looking at the before & after picture you can see the huge difference! Thanks everyone for visiting my blog, if you want to see more of my creative designs, please subscribe to the newsletter, I can’t wait to share my creation with you!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 下午2.07.25

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