Skirt to Backpack

When I first saw the skirt, I was attracted to the sparkly texture and the beautiful pattern, but the skirt was too short for me, and it is too glamorous for my daily life.

My first thought was to turn this short skirt into a long vest, it could be a very fashion forward piece. But the next day, when I woke up, a new idea came to my mind, I wonder if I can make a backpack out of it? I was very excited to get started, who wouldn’t like a textured and sparking backpack like this?

I could’t wait to get start, but I needed to find some accessories for the accomplishment of this project. I found a small piece of what was originally black jeans and made the bottom of the backpack, next I found a man made pleather belt that matched the texture and color compilation. I also need to tear the soft lining off, because a backpack will need stronger lining to hold its shape.


I got some dark gray cotton canvas for the lining, but first I had to make some pockets on the lining, then I did pockets on both sides to ensure there would be enough space for my phone, keys, and various small items. There will never be a bag with too many pockets for me because I will need every pocket to organize my little essentials.


I saved the zipper on the back of skirt for convenience, this way I can take things from the top of the backpack, and also can take things out from the back of the zipper.

I have to telling that I am very proud of the design of belts position, look at the picture under, both belts go through the thin leather knot on the top of the pack. It is easy to open the top of pack and close the top by just pull the belts to the back, a very convenient design make the pack very functional and easy to use.


Here it is, looking at this! A sparkling, textured and a backpack that has easy access is finished.


From a skirt to a backpack, I won’t say it was easy, but it was not as difficult as I thought, I am very glad and also satisfied with the finished product, do you like it? Lets look at the before and after picture again, please do not forget to tell me what do you think in the comments, and if you are not already a subscriber, make sure to hit the subscribe button. I will blow your mind with every project.


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