White dress

I like the floral texture on the white dress, but I am not very sure of the design of the dress, the simple strings on the shoulders make the dress looks cheap and not very fashionable.  fullsizerender

The first thing was to take the shoulder strings away, and cut the inner material off, because the white inner fabric was not any help to show the floral texture.





I found this top with a fancy shoulder design, it had the same off-white color as the white dress. I had to use it on my dress.  It was very easy to take apart from the top, I used pins to fix it on the dress.



And hand sew them together.


The finish! This dress is elegant and beautiful with expensive and different textures. I aways like fashion forward design even common designs.


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6 thoughts on “White dress”

  1. I like, but perhaps something needs to be worn under the dress so it would be more modest. Maybe this is best worn as a tunic with a plain camisole underneath.

  2. Lovely! Did you use the collar on the blue shirt in your last post? I was wondering where it might have come from. Good changes!

  3. I love the way this turned out! Way better than it was at first. I like how you saw those 2 items and were able to envision a final piece by putting them together. Well done! 🙂

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