White shirt makeover

This white linen shirt is just like a nice, white, blank canvas for me to try drawn thread project, I have never try drawn thread work before, but I think it is a very classic, and elegant way to add texture to many fabric.

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I have designed in my mind that I wanted to make some vertical lines to make the shirt looks slimmer. After I took off the front pocket, I used a needle to tear some thread up and pull them out, making sure you pull one thread at a time. It took a while for me to pull all these threads out, but I was excited for the experimental test.


They should looks like this before drawn thread.

IMG_4450         IMG_4452

After I was done with the first part, time to start the drawn thread! We need needle+thread to divide those loss thread to be parts and hand-saw to fixed them, one at a time also.


Here is the finished product of the front of shirt, wow, it took me a few days to work on this!


Finish on the back of shirt.


I also did the drawn thread on the sleeves, this is the first time I have ever tried this technique, some parts looks little bit rough to the touch, I need more practice to  make sure each part looks neat!


Here it is again, the before & after picture, I hope you get inspired and do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter, you will be pleasantly surprised every week.

From Super Leaf

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